Award-winning Multicultural Marketing Agency in Canada




Who We Are

We are a group of talented marketers, independent thinkers and creatives who follow a disciplined process, but are unafraid to defy convention and blaze our own path. At Hamazaki Wong, we are cultural navigators comfortable in our own identities. We find delight in the evolving and growing demographic mosaic around us. We are our own brand of agency created for modern times like this.



What We Do

We love and create brands, advertising, promotions, web designs, marketing campaigns, social media and marketing-communications platforms infused with an Asian twist. We’ve created some of the biggest events in Vancouver. We’ve curated, built and sold media properties. At the end of the day, we do one thing: we use our entrepreneurial and creative marketing sensibilities to move brands forward. View our Case Examples to learn more.





More effective campaigns with less stress and higher ROI


Digital to Traditional. Traditional to Simplified

Digital media has taken hold in the Chinese market. However, in North America, traditional media still plays a major role. At Hamazaki Wong, we bring solution to the table, along with creative messaging that resonates in any medium inclusive of keen facility with the Chinese language, whether traditional or simplified.


English is a culture, isn’t it?

While our forte is Asian marketing, it overshadows our facility in English-language communications. It’s this skill that allows us to create superior marketing and advertising campaigns, regardless of language. This bicultural sensibility sets the stage for the co-creation of campaigns for diverse markets.


Creativity, Applied.

There are those who express creativity on a page in two dimensions, and others who take creativity further by weaving together disparate relationships and connections into a new whole. That’s where we fit in. We think of it as applied creativity, using creative thinking to develop practical applications such as marketing campaigns, media properties, experiential events, marketing tools, or entire organizations.



Let us show you how our brand of creativity could help propel your brand forward.