A self-confessed busybody, Sonny’s strategic and creative sensibilities have found their way into many initiatives. From award-winning advertising campaigns to major events to product development to business startups, Sonny is a leadership and values driven individual who brings his unique insights to any project. Socially and environmentally motivated, he is learning to reconcile his job as a marketer (which encourages people to consume more) with his sustainability tendencies, and admits it’s an ongoing struggle. In his spare time, when he has any, he cycles and is a collector of people and ideas. Personal quote: “I love to communicate, albeit I don’t talk much.”

With an illustrious career in account management for over a dozen years with leading international agencies in China, Lilian is an artist in a marketer’s body. This duality of spirit imbues her with a sense of curiosity that fuels idea generation for the many campaigns and events she so expertly produces — on time, on budget and on strategy, of course! A passionate leader, she enjoys multi-tasking and the challenge of making the impossible possible. As a trend-spotter, Lilian keeps her ear to the ground attuned to cross-cultural influences, digital hype and social media everywhere. Optimistic, versatile, high-spirited and nurturing, Lilian is passionate about everything creative and chic. She is a big fan of drawing, painting, yoga and singing — and secretly aspires to be an account manager by day and a bar singer by night allowing her to fully live her life of artistry.

Born in China and educated in Canada, Henry is a true biculturalist who brings his A-game to everything he does. With applied skills gained through sales and marketing positions on both Continents, Henry exercises his knowledge and creative abilities with finesse, aplomb and diligence. In fact, Henry has yet to meet a marketing, event or promotional challenge he didn’t like and prides himself on seeing all projects through to their natural conclusion. With a diversity of interests from rock ‘n’ roll to symphony, boxing to fashion, and more, Henry’s sense of curiosity is channeled into his goal of personal betterment. This sense of achievement has seen Henry train and compete in bodybuilding circuits, so challenge him to an arm wrestle at your peril! A Business Administration graduate from Capilano University, Henry’s mantra of, “Doing what I love and being good at it,” is the perfect attitude for his role at Hamazaki Wong.

With 15 years in the advertising industry, Stewart has honed his skills and has become a triple threat. He can manage the production of a job like Baryshnikov can dance, he can manage media like Sinatra can croon and he can manage a client like De Niro can act. Ironically, he can’t dance, sing or act… ok maybe he can act a little, he’s been know to play practical jokes over the phone. His passions include hockey, cycling, guitars, food and wine, and travelling. When not engaging in work or hobbies, he is a slave to his two daughters who pretty much run his life. Personal quote: “I may be a slave now but one day, I will have two servants”

“Impeccable, geek, well-organized, creative… ” These are just some of the words to describe our veteran designer. With over two decades of experience in all aspects of design, Michael is passionate about all things creative and loves to share his passion with others. Along the way he has also developed an interest and expertise in photography, illustration, web design and social media. It’s truly old school training meeting the digital age. Whether traditional or new, Michael’s currency with the entire spectrum of tools and applications allows him the latitude to create award-winning creative. Michael is also passionate about coffee and often muses, “What makes coffee so good, and why does coffee often smell better than it tastes? How do I make my coffee better?” If one day you see Michael in a café as a barista, don’t be surprised!

Words and characters, characters and words. For Kate, they are synonymous like the mellifluous flow of life. With an abundance mindset, Kate sees life like a box of chocolates full of variety and meant to be eaten in anticipation of the next box, all while maintaining her slim figure! Her’s career has exclusively been in the domain of written communications. Recently, she was a journalist with one of Canada’s leading Chinese dailies, where she did editing, proofreading, and creating page layouts. This nimbleness has resulted in a style consonant with today’s traditional and digital media. With a BA in Journalism (Ji Nan University) and a Masters in Communications Studies (University of Windsor), Kate’s North American-Asian sensibilities are acute — skills that she hones as an avid reader and equal opportunity shopper. In addition to copywriting, Kate aims to also develop her skills in coding without the requisite geekiness.

Still trying to solve the age-old question, “Why does the belt colour have to match the shoe colour?” Will is a professional accountant with over 20 years experience. With a wide range of knowledge and expertise from accounting in corporate environments to high-tech start-ups and more, Will is settling back in Vancouver after enjoying the fast paced life of living in Silicon Valley for the past 13 years. While in California, he took full advantage of the sunshine and the great outdoors by playing lots of tennis, volleyball, and cycling. His other passions include experimenting in the kitchen and the world of travel, where he’s trying to cross another country off his bucket list. Next stop: China!