Chinese Copywriter

Hamazaki Wong is seeking a talented, motivated and leadership driven Chinese copywriter. You have high standards and a tradition of excellence. Your conceptual abilities are matched by your love of ideas and words that inspire and move customers and minds. You know the difference between writing for a novel from writing for advertising from writing for social media. You have worked with, or aspire to work with, leading brands and companies in a variety of media from traditional to digital to social. You have a marketing brain but are an artist at heart. You are a team player, able to manage people and lead creative projects from beginning to end, or with a bit of experience, you can master this. You have good proficiency in English and are comfortable presenting to co-workers and clients alike. You have an attitude of learning and are curious about the world. You strive to better yourself every day.

Of course, you have good computer skills with Microsoft and Apple platforms. Even better if your skills extend to CS or other creative and/or digital applications.

Apply with covering letter, resume and writing samples to



Hamazaki Wong市场营销公司在找寻一位才华横溢、积极进取并具有领导意识的中文广告文案撰写人。应聘者应具有出色的文字表现能力和语言驾驭水准,对创意有无限热情,喜爱写作,能够运用概念化的语言,将抽象创意转化为能够激发客户兴趣和市场反响的词句。他/她应该了解小说创作、广告文案和社交媒体软文之间的区别。曾经在不同的媒体平台如传统纸介媒体、数字媒体或社交媒体,拥有过或期望获得与高端品牌以及领先公司合作共事的经验。他/她应有市场营销头脑、心怀艺术细胞,具备团队合作精神,能胜任人员的管理工作并能从头至尾引领创意项目。他/她的英文水平佳,能够自如向同事和客户进行创意提案的示范汇报,具备学习进取的态度并对世界充满好奇。有意愿努力令自己获得长足进步。

他/她应该能熟练使用计算机,无论Microsoft还是Apple操作平台都能驾轻就熟。而且最好对于Adobe Suite(Adobe创意设计软件套装),或者其他创意及/或数字应用程序有一定的操作技能。