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The affluent Chinese market in Canada is attracted to premium products. This did not go unnoticed at Harry Rosen where sales associates on the floor were seeing this phenomenon take hold. However, Harry Rosen had little strategy to reach this growing and influential market.

Hamazaki Wong’s approach to Harry Rosen came at a propitious time and the agency was engaged to develop a strategy to reach the affluent Chinese customer.


The Role of Social Media

chinese-social-media-iconChinese social media — particularly WeChat and Weibo — has seen significant creep into North America in the last few years. Due to China’s ban of Facebook, Google and other digital platforms, Chinese digital channels have flourished and entered Canada with the migration of wealthy immigrants. Indeed, this was the ideal and most efficient way to reach this segment that was making the purchase of premium products a way of life.


Execution is the key

Working closely with Sina and Tencent in China, Hamazaki Wong registered a Verified Harry Rosen Weibo account and Official Subscription Wechat account — difficult processes for most Canadian agencies and companies.

But beyond this, the development of the social media strategy, content, sponsored influencer posts and ongoing animation of the channel were key to the success of the Chinese social media program. Working closely with Harry Rosen, Hamazaki Wong curated a content strategy that resonated with the audience, while retaining the attributes of the Harry Rosen brand. Social media was used to amplify special times of year such as Lunar New Year. Traditional media also served as key touchpoint to introduce the Chinese segment to Harry Rosen’s social media channels.




Social media extension to the sales floorHarry-Rosen-chinese-social-media-campaign-case-study

Recognizing the importance of Chinese social media, Hamazaki Wong developed a strategy for all Harry Rosen sales associates to take advantage of Weibo and WeChat and, most importantly, use them as key selling tools. To that end, a policy was developed that allowed sales associates the flexibility to promote and sell products via Chinese social media, while allowing Harry Rosen to retain ownership of the customer and customer experience. This duality is garnering positive results and engaging Chinese customers in a way the company has not experienced before.



After launching Harry Rosen’s Chinese social media platforms, Hamazaki Wong was able to reach annual engagement targets in just a few months. Sales associates are using the platforms successfully and new customers are learning about and shopping with Harry Rosen. The introduction of Harry Rosen’s Weibo and WeChat channels coincided with the launch of Nordstrom in Vancouver and while other competitive players saw a decline in sales, Harry Rosen’s revenues actually increased. While Hamazaki Wong’s efforts cannot entirely be credited with this success, we believe our role was indeed one of the key elements in strengthening the Harry Rosen brand.

For the future, Chinese social media will continue to be a key marketing strategy for Harry Rosen.


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