Lowest Price Guarantee

Air Canada



The award winning (Marketing Awards, 2014) campaign of Air Canada’s Lowest Price Guarantee to the Chinese market in Canada was memorable. While the print ad was adapted from the English creative, Hamazaki Wong took the campaign for the Chinese market beyond anything the market has ever seen creating a whole new level of engagement, excitement and sales.

Creating awareness and changing attitudes

The main objectives of this campaign was to generate awareness of Air Canada’s Lowest Price Guarantee (available at Air Canada), and to instill an attitude of accessible pricing to Chinese travellers. An example of our target reach would be those who frequently travel to Asia at least once a year. Of course, ticket sales were also an important criteria. This was challenging as the Chinese community is highly price sensitive in addition to the prevailing belief. That fares from Air Canada are always higher than competing airlines.

Innovative media and consumer engagement

We only bought full-page front cover positions to feature the campaign. To truly demonstrate Air Canada’s Lowest Price Guarantee, we did something never before done – we discounted the cover price of the newspaper each time the ad ran. This was a true testament of the lowest price promise. Affixed on the Lowest Price rondel was a decal – another first in Chinese media – which introduced a further promotional offer: affix the decal to your car’s rear window, listen to the radio and if your car is spotted, you could win a trip for two to China.

The convergence of creativity, context and content.


Demand for the campaign editions exceeded supply, rendering competitive publications with other publications.


Thousands of cars in Toronto and Vancouver were spotted with the decal, some with more than one!


Thousands tuned in when licence plates were call on air, and hundreds dialed in to claim their prizes and entries.

Results? They were fantastic.

Not only did the promotion generate unprecedented earned media, excitement and engagement in the Chinese community, the Lowest Price message motivated sales as well, driving over 12,000 visitors to aircanada.com and generating an increase in sales of 96%, double that of a normal seat sale campaign.

Overall, the Lowest Price campaign delivered on many fronts, achieving client objectives in spades while delivering an innovative program in the media and consumer markets that went beyond anything that they’ve ever seen.