The Chinese tactical campaign was developed with a branded retail approach. The majority of car ads are seasonal in nature and tailored visuals and messaging for the different season. With this new direction, the focus is not so much on how great the car drives in a particular season but more on what the car means to the individual.

For the Chinese market, the car is an extension and a commentary on who they are, their personal style and self-expression. The visual is infused with a fashion sense that communicates that Audi is more than a car. It’s epitomize who you are as in individual. It’s a fashion accessory that not only looks good but that you also look good in it. The Chinese copy is written to capture this fashion sense and tie the visual with the retail monthly offer for the particular vehicle. Audi is designed into your life.

Client: Audi GTA & Vancouver DAG

Services: Print, Digital, Radio, Social Media

Date: Jan 2018


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