BC Hydro - Fall Awareness

Awareness Campaign for the Chinese Market

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Heading into the cooler months, daylight decrease and people are starting to turn on their heat. The average bill increases 66% in the winter, it’s a great opportunity to educating consumers about the ways they can save on their electricity bill.

While BC Hydro is helping British Columbians boost their power smarts and save money on their electricity bill, the brand lack its presence and consistent educations among Chinese consumers.

To help Chinese customers to learn something every day to save, the goal was to raise awareness of the energy-saving tips, programs and offers that BC hydro provides.

With our solid understanding of Chinese market, we developed different messaging approaches that respectively for Mandarin speakers and Cantonese speakers with the use of cultural cues.

From a series of delightful radio spots, to call-to-action digital ads and engaging social posts on WeChat, the 6-week campaign successfully drove the traffic from Chinese demographic to BC Hydro website, and attracted new users to sign up My Hydro account.

Client: BC Hydro

Services: Print, Digital, Radio, Social Media

Date: Oct 2018

Website: www.bchydro.com/index.html

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