A Bicultural Approach to Branding

Sunrise Soya Foods



Keep steady, but grow

The objectives of the branding assignment were simple: develop a brand in the competitive Asian market that would set Sunrise apart, while establishing a brand in the English-speaking market that provides a platform for communicating the benefits of soya foods. Simple right?

Two for the price of one

Ordinarily, an assignment like this would require two agencies: one that works in English and another that works in Chinese. Fortunately, in Hamazaki Wong the client found both. By applying knowledge of both markets, a bicultural approach to brand development in both English and Chinese prevailed.

The convergence of creativity, context and content.


Crafting a unique personality in the Chinese market

The competitive Chinese market was saturated with various soya foods competitors creating similar products, and thus required a unique approach. As discriminating buyers, Chinese shoppers are attentive to quality and freshness, but are also price sensitive. Sunrise Soya Food products occupy a premium position, and we countered with by imbuing the Sunrise brand with a distinct personality to increase likeability and add a human dimension. The resulting tagline, best trans-created as, ‘The joy of soya’ comes with a friendly, animated ‘soya bean’ character.


Communicating benefits for the English-speaking market.

Meanwhile, the challenges of the English-speaking market are altogether different. They tended to dislike tofu and soya products. What to do? Research demonstrated that while there was high awareness of the health benefits of soya, many felt the taste was substandard. Hamazaki Wong tackled this by coming up with a solution that addressed both health and taste. The result: Goodness First. So whether good for you, or tastes good, the brand platform allowed a dual dimension that communicated on multiple levels.

Sunrise Soya Foods was one of the first to introduce a new and efficient packaging for soft tofu. Unlike the traditional plastic bags, the new packaging securely contains the soft tofu’s shape, preventing it from breaking, and for easy handling. In addition, the rectangular shape allows for better shelf spacing and storage.

Our direction and concept behind this ad was to highlight the advantages of the new packaging with a fun twist.

Market dominance, and goodness more.

To date, Sunrise Soya Foods continues to be the market leader with dominance in both the Chinese and English-speaking markets in Canada. All supported by brand platforms that speak loudly and effectively in their respective markets.