Anna MahAccount Representative

    My journey into marketing was circuitous but one that seems to have converged nicely into my role at Hamazaki Wong. From my previous engagement in telecommunications where I served as a people manager juggling responsibilities in customer relations, HR disciplines, mentoring, sales, and change management, life at Hamazaki Wong allows me to use my skills and more, in projects I never imagined I’d be managing! Producing Western Canada’s largest Red Carpet. Check. Stage managing BC’s largest film and television awards program. Check. Producing Canada’s first Asian Dining Festival. Check. What’s the next adventure? Despite my enthusiasm for my job, it’s only my second favourite role. The more important and rewarding one is as a mom to my young son. Outside of work, you can find me happily roaming the city with my son, husband, and dog (a cute Shiba Inu). I enjoy travel (Hong Kong and Korea are favourites), food, coffee, strength training, K-Pop, and flooding my Instagram followers with random stories. I have a BA in Political Science and Economics from Simon Fraser University which accounts for my enquiring mind and never-ending quest to find the answer to ‘why?’. Hmmm…

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