Jonathan YuAccount Associate Intern

    I’m a true believer that what you learn is more important than what you earn. It’s a luxury I can enjoy in my role as a Hamazaki Wong intern and a third year Communications student at Simon Fraser University. My first job — at the age of 15 — was at the one and only, McDonalds. But what an experience! I learned to manage and control my team during times of chaos by organizing work flows and emphasizing the importance of communications, skills that I applied to and built upon at my other jobs. From there, I jumped to stints at Shoppers Drug Mart (cashier), Jinya Ramen, and YVR Duty Free (brand ambassador). I have also participated in leadership programs such as Air Cadets and Toastmasters International. When I think back to my varied experiences it occurs to me the thread that connects everything is my enthusiasm, willingness to try new things, and desire to learn. I’ve been described as friendly and approachable with lots of positive energy (I agree!). I also have a passion for corgis, a dog breed that I love! As for the pomeranian in the office, he’s OK too!

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