Ting JinContent Producer

    I believe we all have superpowers. Mine, when facing adversity, is to imagine myself as a hero in a movie or game, who uses her superpowers to change life’s circumstances for the better. Another superpower is one I was born with: being Chinese and endowed with an understanding of the beauty of the Chinese language. That, along with my bilingual abilities in English provide a dexterity of expression that I bring to life and my work. I’m a huge fan of Mad Men and admirer of that dastardly character, Don Draper. I sometimes invoke his spirit in my work where I’ve created copy and content for clients in sectors including airline, automotive, casino, culinary, consumer packaged goods, experiential, real estate, and sports.

    Before Hamazaki Wong, I worked in journalism, web content, web product development, and marketing. I graduated with a BA in International Studies from Zhejiang University in China and continued my studies to acquire my MA in Communications & New Media at National University of Singapore. I am fortunate to have enjoyed many wonderful things on this planet. The night safaris in Africa and the twilight sunsets on the Scandinavian Peninsula are two things I hold dear to my heart.

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