Bicultural T-shirt: Duck la

“Leave me alone! Yes, dear! Stop nagging me!” Frustrating? Kind of. Next time when someone gets on your nerves, just use Chinese to tone it down: “Duck la, Duck la, Duck la!”

Hamazaki Wong is pleased to introduce our latest bicultural T-shirt——Duck la. As the phrase suggests, this is our readiness to address the world of frustrating questions, and our embrace of the melding of cultures in our daily life. Featuring a dictionary-style English definition of a catchy Chinese phrase, this trans-Pacific garment humorously celebrates a Cantonese expression. By creating a shared lexicon amongst two distinct language groups, we challenge the binary market, tipping our hat to the exploration of ethnicity and what it means to live and breathe multiple cultures.

Like the way we think? Contact Hamazaki Wong to see how our brand of marketing can invigorate yours. Maybe we can save a T-shirt for you…

Bicultural T-shirt: Duck la

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