Hamazaki Wong Creates Unprecedented Media-Leading Promotion for Air Canada’s Lowest Price Guarantee Campaign

With Air Canada’s Lowest Price Guarantee campaign, Hamazaki Wong has redefined the idea of marketing that sticks. During the promotional campaign, front-page ads in Chinese media carried a full-page ad affixed with a window decal. Consumers were encouraged to place these decals on the rear window of their car. Automobiles that were spotted with the decal were identified on national radio, and given time to identify themselves by calling into the radio station for an opportunity to win a suite of prizes.

We couldn’t have anticipated the response! All across Canada, the media and consumers were buzzing with excitement! Plus, on days when the Lowest Price Guarantee ad appeared, the newspaper carrying the ad discounted the cover price, a true demonstration of Air Canada’s lowest price commitment. Unsurprisingly, on these days, sales of the newspaper carrying the ad far outsold their competitors!

“Never before in Canada has the Chinese media seen a promotion of this magnitude and imagination,” says Sonny Wong, president and creative director of Hamazaki Wong. Read more about Air Canada’s Lowest Price Guarantee campaign in our case example here.


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