Introducing WongZingers from Hamazaki Wong

Hey folks, we are pleased to introduce a new research-based feature — WongZingers — a series that takes a quick look at topics of interest concerning Chinese consumers in Vancouver, touching on their attitudes, lifestyles, and behaviors. This could range from subjects including how they adapt to new lifestyles in Canada, what makes them tick, shopping habits, and more. It is our intention to showcase and help you better understand the Chinese consumer by sharing our knowledge and insights.

To kick off this series we’ve chosen the topic of Recycling.

We’d love to hear your opinions on WongZingers, including any ideas you have for future research topics. Over time these sparks of brilliance can help us, and you, make informed decisions about marketing to Chinese consumers. These bits of research can also inspire us to think about more ways of relating to the community and thus how to communicate with them more effectively.
Without further ado, here is the first WongZinger ……

Can Recycling agencies do better to reach Chinese Consumers? Our research says yes.

Our recent survey on Recycling found that the Chinese community is very accepting of recycling but a large majority are of the opinion that the current information they receive can be further improved upon and made available to them in their own language. Nearly three-quarters of them believe in the importance of recycling.

Key Highlights:

▪ 86% of them participate in recycling.
▪ 73% believe that recycling is of great importance.
▪ 1 out of 3 of them says that the communication they presently receive is only in English.
▪ More than half (54%) say there are no recycling programs from their home country or they do not understand much about recycling and can learn more.
▪ Almost 9 out of 10 of them are not convinced of the clarity of recycling messages. The majority of them felt it could be improved further.
▪ Nearly 7 in 10 Chinese consumers mostly obtain their recycling information through advertising.
▪ 65% prefer the recycling communications to be in their own language.


‘Key takeaway: Chinese Consumers participate and believe in recycling but will do better at it if the message on recycling is clearer and can be made available to them in their own language.’

The Survey was conducted over two periods:
19th Feb to 5th March 2021 and 24th March – 31st of March, 2021,
Sample size: 464 Chinese Adults

Have a burning question you’d like some answers to? Let us know and we’ll consider it for a future issue of WongZingers! Or, if you have questions on how to better reach the Chinese consumer, please contact:

Ivy Roth
Manager, Research Planning & Insights


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