Agilik website Agilik Business Card Final
Agilik website Agilik Business Card Final
Naming and branding are among Hamazaki Wong’s key strengths.
Tellingly, we’ve done this for clients in English and Chinese, including transliteral naming that works successfully in more than one language. Here, for Agilik, we set a high bar for ourselves. The name needed to represent the company’s business of enabling physically-challenged customers to be more active, it needed to sound like a company (rather than a product), it had to be simple and memorable, it should be unique, it needed to inspire and sound good when spoken (like a roll off the tongue!), and importantly, it should dot-com-able. In the case of Agilik, we satisfied all these objectives creating a name and brand that resonates, and inspires pride from the ever-important client. The accompanying logo mark for Agilik adopted a forward-looking font incorporating a plus sign into the typeface (that could also be interpreted as a cross) denoting innovation and advancement while addressing the company’s role in the medical devices space. Naturally, the website that was developed for Agilik followed our naming and branding process, tying in the company’s attributes with simplicity, effectiveness, and aplomb.

Client: Agilik

Services: Strategy and original creative

Date: September 2020


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