Double 11

Audi 11-11 Sales Promotion Builds to a Crescendo


With the help of Hamazaki Wong, Audi became the first OEM in Canada to participate in a Double 11 campaign. With a strategic promotional strategy that included an excitement-building lead-up to day-of-event sales promotion, the campaign provided impressive dividends. Using a combination of digital and social media, driving traffic to a dedicated landing page, the media campaign created buzz over Audi’s 11-11 promotion, motivated by the simple creative messaging of Audi’s Double 11 offer. Most importantly, the campaign walked the walk and talked the talk creating the sense that something big was going on for 11-11. In the end, the market chatter was great but the sales results? Let’s say they exceeded expectations.

Client: Audi GTA & Vancouver DAG

Services: Print, Digital, Radio, Social Media

Date: Oct 2019


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