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pointblancagency-cover pointblancagency-logo-guideline pointblancagency-letterhead-businesscard pointblancagency-website
pointblancagency-cover pointblancagency-logo-guideline pointblancagency-letterhead-businesscard pointblancagency-website

What’s in a name? Everything if it defines your brand, embedded with the solution you offer. That’s the approach we took with Viper Mechanical Marketing when we renamed and rebranded them as Pointblanc Agency. Unique and clear, direct and on target, and with a phonetic beat that rolls off the tongue, Pointblanc is multidimensional in its approach, while lingering in your memory. This new identity is the culmination of a creative renaming and rebranding process that recognizes the company’s expansion of its product lines and service offering to clients. As the new name suggests, not only is the company committed to delivering targeted sales and marketing solutions that never miss the mark, it also inspires renewed confidence and excitement.

Visually, Hamazaki Wong creatively redesigned the brand identity to signal mechanical and technological vibes while maintaining commercial professionalism. The same spirit also guided us in building the the company’s official website, which categorizes Pointblanc Agency’s core competencies, in an accurate and organized manner. What did the client say? “Spectacular, awesome, and amazing!” We’ll take the compliments! Ready to go to market? Hamazaki Wong will help you aim and fire, with style and amplomb!

Client: Pointblanc Agency

Services: Creative Messaging; Experimental; Activation and Promotions; Innovation

Date: 2022

Website: www.pointblancagency.com

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