Kate ZhaoSenior Content Producer

    I have a lifelong issue with procrastination and punctuality but I like to think that just makes me more creative. Luckily, I have awards to prove it! But seriously, my writing career has spanned journalism, social media, copywriting, content development, and more. Following my graduation in journalism from Ji Nan University in China, I continued my studies in Canada, earning a Master’s in Communication Studies from University of Windsor. From there, my travels took me to Vancouver where the city captured my heart and has become my home. This led me to a career stop as a journalist for a major daily news publication. During this time, I also freelanced in multicultural marketing working on major tourism assignments and touring the Province for a regional marketing board developing content and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat and other social media platforms.

    As luck would have it, this led me to Hamazaki Wong, where I lead copywriting and campaign development for major brands in business sectors including airline, automotive, consumer packaged goods, charitable, culinary, financial services, and tourism. I’ve also successfully managed creative projects from beginning to end. I derive particular enjoyment from using my excellent Chinese language skills and creativity, manipulating language in a way that results in a resonant whole, something that was hidden in my journalistic years. I’m also a passionate Mad Men fan and am fortunate to be able to live out my aspirations in real life. Who knows, I may become the next Peggy Olsen!

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