Steve FengArt Director & Visual Lead

    You will likely hear me before you see me. I have one of those tenor voices that seems to cut through a lot of cacophony, like the melody in a symphony, the signal in the noise, or the big idea in a creative campaign. OK, seriously (but not really), my background in technology is the perfect complement to my creative role at Hamazaki Wong, allowing an innovative approach to our work. I have successfully leveraged my training in computer science and programming to senior roles in the videogame industry, and web design and production.

    The UI/UX skills gained here are routinely integrated into the work I do for clients in sectors including airline, automotive, casino, consumer packaged goods, experiential, financial services, real estate, and more. Outside of work, I’m a new father who loves spending time exploring the city with my toddler son. I’m also a ramen addict, having tried all the ramen restaurants in the city and rated them on my ramen review blog. Proudly, I’ve conquered all the food challenges that ramen restaurants have offered, and my weight is none the wiser, at least this week.

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