Stewart WongAccount Manager

    I have more than two decades of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. I might be, what you can call, a jack-of-all-trades. During my tenure at Hamazaki Wong, I’ve been involved with many facets of agency life including production management, account management, media strategy, planning and buying, new business development, and most recently, office janitorial and dishwashing services. I’ve also been known to do some creative photoshopping but the creative department has yet to take me up on my skills. I am a daily bike commuter rain or shine and believe I’m helping to save the planet one pedal stroke at a time while obviating oil dependency. In my free time, you might see me riding up Cypress or Seymour Mountain as I’m secretly training for the Tour de France .. for seniors. I would like to complete a marathon one day soon despite my knees telling me not to. I also plan to record a multi-platinum music album one day and tour the world like one of those aging rock stars. I just have to learn how to play the guitar.

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