Ian ZhuSenior Content Producer/Marketing Executive

    Twenty years ago, when my parents first insisted that I start writing a diary, little did they know that one day it would pave the way for my career as a content producer. And here I am now, making a decent living from it, and dare I say, not too shabby at all.

    My journey in the world of writing has been diverse, encompassing printed press journalism, copywriting, content development for various digital platforms, and more. Before earning my BA degree from Beijing Foreign Studies University in China, I had the privilege of working at Edelman with government departments and top-tier clients from industries like technology, manufacturing, and tourism. My primary focus was on planning and executing brand and media strategies. It was this invaluable experience that sparked my desire to become a global marketer.

    Meanwhile, my passion for writing persisted, leading me to pursue a Master’s degree in Journalism from The University of British Columbia in Vancouver. During the first wave of the pandemic, I graduated and became an editor/journalist at Lahoo, where I had the opportunity to interview BC residents from all walks of life. My dedication resulted in over a thousand original feature stories and millions of pageviews.

    As fate would have it, this experience caught the attention of Hamazaki Wong, where I now contribute to copywriting and campaign development for major brands in both the public and private sectors. These brands span various industries, including automotive, airline, gaming, culinary, and recycling.

    I find immense joy in leveraging my exceptional Chinese and English language skills, as well as my journalistic instinct, to create copies that truly resonate with the target audience. Moreover, I am equally passionate about delving into data and reports to uncover marketing trends and opportunities.

    While I acknowledge that there is still much for me to learn, who’s to say whether I might one day reach the heights of greatness achieved by the legendary David Ogilvy? Only time will tell, and I eagerly look forward to the journey ahead.

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