Hamazaki Wong is an allcultural marketing-communications agency.

We are a unique agency in a category we are redefining. So what is allcultural? It’s the frontier of multicultural marketing with a next-level approach. Functionally, you might say we do what other agencies do. But beyond the functional lies the attitudinal and intangible that sets us apart. There’s the work, and there’s our pedigree beyond the work. Together, these interdependent disciplines set the tone for an agency that thinks and acts differently, in a demonstrable way.

First, the work. Insightful, strategic, creative, award-winning, results-driven — it’s an excellence we’ve become known for. With a reputation for thought-leadership, Hamazaki Wong sets the tone that others follow. Equally important is our work beyond the work. We write, we think, we create, we innovate, we care, we disrupt. We use our time, our entrepreneurial chops and the whole of our agency to create programs, effect public opinion, serve causes, inspire social change, and celebrate successes. In short, we act.

It’s these collective experiences that have shaped our thinking about multicultural marketing, and why allcultural marketing is the evolution. Interested in our thinking? Let us show you what allcultural marketing can look like for your brand.

So what’s allcultural marketing?

Allcultural Marketing

The frontier of multicultural marketing

So what is allcultural marketing? It’s the frontier of multicultural marketing with a next-level approach. Allcultural marketing takes multicultural marketing and improves upon it. It recognizes that cultural segments shouldn’t be relegated to silos but are subsets of the whole market. It considers market context and external influences as variables that influence cultural sensibilities resulting in cultural mashups and new perspectives. It recognizes that the experience of an individual is comprised of all the social and cultural influences imposed upon them, and not just those that emanate from their own culture.

Multicultural marketing is exclusive, focusing on the demographics and attributes within a segment. Allcultural marketing is inclusive, extending the demographics and attributes within a segment and integrating localized experiences to create altogether a new, wider cultural expression. While we believe traditional multicultural marketing is valid and practical, we strive to practice allcultural marketing whenever we can.

Our Credo

We believe in the intersection of creativity, communications and conversions. It’s written on our business cards and provides a guiding direction in all we do.


Creativity in everything we do is our goal. From our work to our thinking to our approach to problem solving, we overlay creativity and imagination onto our process. It’s this sense of curiosity and wonderment that allows us to see the big picture, provide startling results, and pave pathways to action.


Key to our process is successfully answering the question: does it communicate? This holistic view applies to messaging, media, language, culture, and more. We know the best work doesn’t work if it doesn’t communicate.


Results. Whether it’s awareness, sales, customer conversions, engagement, clicks, bums in seats, or a new key metric, we factor this important element into our thinking and process from the outset. Uniquely, we also integrate online modules and apps into our marketing-communications approach to optimize conversions and results.

+ A Value-Added Benefit:


Our longevity in the marketplace, along with the depth and breadth of our activities and engagements, has resulted in an agency with deep knowledge and connections in business, the marketplace, and the wider community. We bring these networks to bear to all our clients and partners to further marketing objectives, results and relationships.

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