Beyond our work are specialized sectors, fields and occupations in which we have experience, expertise, interest, and connections.

Can marketing be purposeful and create social impact?
We think so and demonstrate it everyday.


At Hamazaki Wong, we are strong proponents of sustainability and believe that business has a responsibility to do more than just make money. Social and environmental stewardship should also be part of the business equation and that’s why we support sustainability initiatives, including a founding role in establishing the Board of Change, a network of progressive businesses that believe in sustainability and its role in the corporate world.

Arts and culture

The world needs more arts, along with their many benefits of humanity, community, compassion, creativity, and more. As a founding partner in Artspoints Rewards, Hamazaki Wong is helping to create sustainability for the arts, while increasing audience engagement.

Film and television

As producer and founding partner of the Leo Awards, BC’s awards program for the film and television industry, Hamazaki Wong has played a leading role in celebrating the strength and vitality of this creative sector, while earning a place as a mainstay in the industry.


From our experience on working with airline loyalty programs to our role with Artspoints Rewards, Hamazaki Wong can be considered one of the experts in loyalty in Western Canada. This is another discipline in our marketing arsenal that helps us look at marketing in a more holistic way.


Thought leadership

At Hamazaki Wong, we really think about consumers, the markets, and implications for our work and our work for clients. As a result, we have developed a reputation for thought leadership both being interviewed for media articles and having our own posts published on major media such as Huffington Post and social media.

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