Can you afford to ignore a $61 billion market that has a household income

1.4 times higher than the Canadian average?

If not, then you need to fill the knowledge gap with the Chinese Market Study.

The first comprehensive research study on the Chinese market in Canada in more than a decade.

Report Title: Chinese Market Study
Media Usage and Behaviour, Demographics, and Observations on the Chinese Market in Canada and its Importance to Your Marketing
Pages: 98, Format: PDF
Published: October 2020
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Vivintel (Vividata’s custom research arm) released its inaugural ‘Ethnic Study: Insights into the Chinese Consumer’ in November 2019. The Study reveals a population of 1.2 Million adults of Chinese origin, aged 18+, in the Toronto CMA and Vancouver CMA.

The information in our report will help you make informed decisions on your media choices, the language(s) of communication, promotional events, and engagements to create brand awareness and ultimately, market to your customers.
Our report helps equip marketers with full knowledge and an in-depth understanding of Chinese consumers in relation to their consumption of media. Additionally, enables them to employ better media choices for reaching the Chinese audience that they desire.

Data Insight

The report segments the Chinese consumer by tenancy and age groups giving greater insights into:

  • Chinese demographics in Toronto and Vancouver.
  • Chinese consumer expenditure in Canada and by markets, tenure, age groups.
  • Chinese consumer attitudes toward advertising and communication.
  • An in-depth analysis of the Chinese consumer by tenure or the number of years of residency in Canada.
  • An in-depth analysis of the Chinese consumer by different age groups, ages 18-34, ages 35-49, ages 50+
  • An insight into the composition of traditional, digital, and social media measured in the study, helping marketers plan and make better-informed media buying decisions.

As the report covers a wide spectrum of these demographics and media, it can save you time from cross-tabulations, data analysis, and interpretation.

Study Methodology
Study Methodology:

The Survey was conducted from mid-August to the end of September 2019 with a sample of 2,502 respondents (aged 18 and over), identified as being of Chinese origin, and residing in the Toronto cumulative market area (CMA) and Vancouver CMA. The sample consisted of those born in Canada, Chinese Canadian citizens and permanent residents, international students, those on an international co-op or internship, and those residing in Canada on a temporary work permit. The survey excludes Chinese visitors to Canada. Results are projected to StatsCan’s reporting of the Chinese population in Toronto and Vancouver by age and gender. 

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