Chris TuIllustrator & Graphic Designer

    When we first meet, people often like to ask: “What do you do?” Right! Whenever I’m faced with this question, I find myself momentarily lost in thought.Trying to offer a specific answer to that is no easier than condensing the moisture from the air to form a river. But who really knows what they are truly doing? (At least I don’t.) So, regarding this question, I’d like to say…

    I love music, so I’ve spent over a decade learning piano and guitar, becoming a musician who savors every 2/4 jazz beat on stage. I love literature, and I’ve read over ten thousand novels, becoming an amateur essayist, engaging in conversations with myself through words. I love drammar so I ventured into the world of stage acting, gracefully treading the boards and eventually ascend to the realm of directing. I love food, not just for eating, but for the joy of cooking itself. I spent time learning from Michelin-starred chefs, experiencing the myriad possibilities of ingredients. I love photography, using colors and shapes to capture the emotions of every moment. I’ve also worked as a photo editor for DIOR and Tom Ford, using colors to imbue each photo with the right atmosphere. Lastly, I love painting, and I’ve been painting continuously. After graduating from OCAD University with a major in illustration, I’ve been exploring and creating various art pieces as an independent artist. I’ve even been twice recognized as the Creative Quarterly Runner-Up and received the 3X3 World Illustration Merit Winner award in 2019.

    I believe that each person comes into this world with a different purpose, just as Chekhov said: “If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don’t put it there.” Now that I have graced this world’s stage, I must endlessly seek and create, for without it, my life would be meaningless.

    So, coming back to the initial question: “What do you do?”

    Me? I am an artist.

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