Michael WongArt Director

    I have many passions — among them creativity, design, and coffee in varying orders of importance depending on the time of day. I am a seeker of knowledge and creativity in all its forms, looking to see how these elements fit into and contribute to the fabric of the world around me — and sharing these discoveries with others. But it’s in the area of art and design that I find my expression in practice. My incessant doodling, tattoo drawing and visual curiosity while growing up would inevitably lead me to my career based in art.

    At Hamazaki Wong, I am a veteran creative, having worked on virtually all our client assignments over the past decade and a half. You name a client category, I’ve likely worked on it and won awards and accolades in the process. Naturally, I keep abreast of design, branding, advertising trends and solutions to keep me nimble and ahead of the young people around me! I originally hail from Hong Kong where I worked on some of the largest global brands in airlines, financial services, and retail. Now, about that other passion: coffee. I often muse, ‘What makes coffee so good, and why does it often smell better than it tastes? How do I make my coffee better?’ The creative exploration continues…

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