Zoie ChanSocial Media Coordinator/Account Executive

    I am an ambitious, bilingual digital content creator with branding and marketing experience in both Hong Kong and Vancouver. I thrive in a fast-paced working environment and strive to deliver results by applying my creativity to find novel solutions.

    Before moving to Vancouver, I worked as a branding executive in the Hong Kong branch of a leading global health supplements company. There I developed my expertise in social media and retail marketing by working closely with leading advertising agencies on widespread marketing campaigns. My experience in Vancouver includes working for culinary, fintech, and charitable organizations, with a focus on social media expansion.

    I am lucky enough to be at Hamazaki Wong, an innovative, allcultural marketing agency, where their creative ideas and determination to push boundaries makes working here very exciting.

    My creativity flows from my memories and experiences. So, in my free time, I like to travel to new cities and experience different cultures.

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