Inspiration From The Unexpected

Who do you look up to for inspiration – a former professor, a parent, your boss, or the all wise all knowing Internet? I am proud to say the inspiration for this blog came from a child and a Pastor.

Knowledge and wisdom can come from unexpected sources – even the uneducated, the homeless, and people with backgrounds that are vastly different than yours, can teach us a few things.

Try this riddle:


This is a bus. Which way is the bus going – right or left? A class of kindergarteners was asked this and most, if not all, answered, “left.” The teacher asked them “How do you know?” and they responded “You can’t see the door so it’s going left.”

Feel stupid? Yeah, so do I. You don’t have to be older to teach, and you don’t have to be younger to learn!

In our hectic lives, we are so busy trying to catch up at work, at home, with the kids, or with the parents: when do we have time to spend a few moments to relax, talk to your kids, talk to a stranger, or meet someone new? You might be surprise to find out where they came from, what they have done, whom they have met, and the amazing things you might learn.

Check out this video:

Spend some time today to chat with a child, or if brave enough, a homeless person or a stranger – you just might see them in a whole different light.


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