Remember that ad?

Remember the epic Old Spice campaign? The one with the guy with in the shower that ended up on a horse? Anyone can agree that it was a successful campaign. Not only did it deliver the main message of the product (business marketing), but also engaged with the audience throughout the commercial (art direction). This was truly the perfect blend of business marketing and creative execution. Soon after, many companies created similar commercials, and began to look like any other ad. Having studied Business Marketing and Design, I tend to look out for elements in commercials that meet both business and creative objectives, and there has not been many commercials that were as outstanding. 

Just recently while watching the Big Bang Theory, a commercial for aired during commercial break. It immediately caught my attention and has stuck to me since. As a result, it has accomplished both objectives: information retention of the company/service, and engagement through creative execution. Instead of the usual product pitch, chose to take a different approach and spoke directly to the end users instead through a sequence of random and hilarious events that are relatable to some point. This ‘epic’ commercial is a game-changer from the usual hotel booking commercials, and has definitely stood itself out from the crowd. Check it out for yourself below!

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