Sharing Economy Goes Analog in Germany and Switzerland.

For the pre-digital age, we used to knock on the neighbors’ doors to ask to borrow something, but now you probably know someone from thousands of miles away and hardly know who lives next door. One thing that I’ve feared about technology is we only see what it brings us but seriously ignore what it takes away… humanity. Technology allows us to become, like “How Technology Detaches Us From Others”, “YOUR FRIENDS ARE LIARS”.


To solve this problem and encourage a stronger community spirit, a Switzerland-based project called Pumpipumpe. It offers residents free stickers to place on their mailbox to show which household goods they’re willing to lend to their neighbours. The point of the project is to get people away from their smartphones and pay attention to their surroundings plus interacting with others face-to-face. It’s time to start sharing things offline.

Wish the project would come to other parts of the world soon!

Photo credits: Pumpipumpe


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