Will WongGeneral Manager

    My professional designations of CPA and CGA may stem from the world of accounting but my experience is more versatile and expansive than that. My role at Hamazaki Wong is preceded by a 20-year career in the corporate and high technology start-up world of Silicon Valley. Over that time, my body had become accustomed to the California sunshine where I enjoyed the great outdoors filled with days of tennis, volleyball, and cycling. While I don’t think I can ever get used to the Vancouver clouds, my days of grey are compensated by my recent marriage and the precious time catching up with friends and family. My other passions include experimenting in the kitchen and travel, where I’m always trying to cross another country off my bucket list. My varied role at Hamazaki Wong is a perfect complement to my intellectual musings such as:

    • Why does the belt colour have to match the shoe colour?
    • If a man and a guy is the same, why is a ‘wise man’ and a ‘wise guy’ opposite? And how can a ‘slim chance’ and a ‘fat chance’ mean the same thing?

    One of my favourite rules to live by: Always be compassionate and considerate of others because no matter how bad my day is, there’s someone out there having a worse day.

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