The Secret Life of Heroes

Secret Hero Life

As an avid Spider-Man fan, I was stoked to learn about the release of the latest The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. I finally had the chance to watch it last weekend and it was AMAZING.

Superheros are humans too, right? Well, sort of. I’ve always wondered what they usually do when they’re off duty.

A French digital illustrator, Gregoire Guillemin, encapsulates some of our favourite pop-culture characters as mortals, rather than an idealized character. Through his art pieces, he shows us the secret lives of superheroes, villains or even your favourite cartoon characters doing daily chores liking shaving, feeding the baby, stuffing bras, or engaging in some NSFW activities.

Now you will have a better idea what these super characters do when they are not saving our world. Sadly, I can never look at Spider-Man the same way again.

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