Travelling can be stressful, especially the prep work and packing prior to the trip. Because, the last thing you would need is to remember that you forgot to pack something while the plane takes off from the ground.

Here are my Top 7 tips for travelling smart:

1. Make copies of your copies
The first and most important item you will need is your passport, followed by your flight confirmation details and travel insurance. They are the bread to your trip. Without them, you won’t be able to go anywhere.

2. Pack lightly
Some may not agree with this, but depending on where you go, you don’t want to overpack your luggage. Be honest with yourself, it’s not like you’re going on a trip to visit a place and come back. You need to make space for items from your destination to bring back. My two top essential outfits are comfortable shoes, and a LBD (little black dress). It’s also a good habit to keep track of what you pack, especially if anything happens and customs may require you to declare what’s in your bag.

3. Camera Protocols
Nothing like having to delete a couple of photos just because you forgot to backup your SD cards, or there’s no more space. Unless you’re planning to visit the place in the near future, or relive the exact moment, the last thing you need is to make space.

Like many others, I’ve had a habit of taking 100 photos of the same spot/thing. I’m not saying you should just take one. Take a few, but good, photos. Before taking the photo, think about whether you will end up printing it out eventually. If yes, take more in case. If not, take a few. When you’re not doing anything, clear some photos to make room for more. Bring extra batteries, your charger, and SD cards. If anything, you could also try to purchase them when you’re there.

4. Backup Money Bag
Having your wallet stolen sucks. The last thing you’d want is to have to borrow money, work for money, or not enjoy your time at all while on vacation. If you have more than one credit card, or a cash card, have a reliable travel buddy carry it for you. This can also help you control your expenditure.

5. Water + Snacks
Various people react differently when they’re hungry. Some become weak. Others may brainwash themselves into thinking they’re full. And then there are those that become hangry (hungry + angry). No one’s going to summon the cookie monster when you’re hungry. So prepare your bags with snacks. You never know when you, your friend, or a wild squirrel’s hungry.

6. Do Your Research
Especially if you are not intending on taking up a tour package, or do not know anyone that has been there before. A good place to start researching are travel agencies. Check out their itinerary for places that they are visiting, and staying. They’ve done their research, so why bother starting from ground zero. Another excellent source to research are travel bloggers’ websites. Most have detailed documentation and photos of places they’ve seen, stayed at, and recommendations.

7. Compromise and Let Go
Vacations are meant to explore, discover, and relax your mind. It is a getaway from your daily routine. So don’t get all caught up on the small things, and go with the flow. What happens, happens. Live with it and make the best of your time there.


What are your top travel tips?

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