Recently, we have received exciting news from Lilian, who has taken maternity leave, upon the arrival of her baby. Though we miss her presence in the office, we look forward to hear more wonderful stories and melt over adorable photos of baby Zoey.

“Finally, 4 days before the due date, my daughter Zoey came into our lives on June 10 2014!

This is the most precious gift I’ve ever received in my life, and I feel like the luckiest person in the world. It’s crazy how much your life and your priorities change when you have a baby. It’s not easy for this change but every moment is so worth it! A new born baby, brings a bundle of energy, full of pure potential, a fresh new spirit… that’s just amazing!

Thanks so much for all sweet congratulations on my little girl and your patience for my break from work in order to enjoy the ‘babymoon’.

In the beautiful June, I’d love to share this extra sunshine, laughter and happiness with all of you.” – Lilian


zoey zoey_smile zoey_shoes

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