To follow up on Theresa’s blog about travelling smart, here are some tips on travel safety.

My travels through South America are drawing closer, and it’s important to think about the what-if’s. Even though travelling is all about fun, new experiences and culture, there’s always that underlining concern of safety.

As a young Asian woman, I’m probably the number 1 target in the eyes of possible pick pocketers. I’m sure you’re thinking: Meghan, why in the world would you go to a country where you think you’re going to get mugged?

Well, scroll up and take a look at the beautiful Iguazu Falls. That’s why.

Here are some safety tips for your consideration:

Buy travel and medical insurance! Enough said.

Someone tries to take your bag? Give it to them. It’s better to walk away uninjured then hurt. Leave your expensive items at home! You also might consider bringing a crappy bag, one that’s plain with no logos.

Be friendly and confident. Try learning simple words and greetings of the native language from the country you’re visiting. The effort in learning a new language will be warmly welcomed by the locals.

Dress like the locals. Tourists are usually found wearing shorts, so try wearing pants even though the weather may be sweltering hot. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb!

Get proper vaccinations. This really depends on where you’re traveling. In my case, I will be travelling though the Amazon; there are plenty of vaccinations I need to take before I leave. Trust me, you don’t want to get sick while travelling.

• Stay hydrated. Drink lots of bottled water. You don’t want to be passing out due to hydration. 

Relax. Yes your safety will always be in the back of your mind and in the moment you’ll know what to do. Try not to worry, enjoy yourself and have a great time!

To quote one of my favourite travel vloggers, Louis Cole, “Peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure!”

I wish you all happy travels wherever you go to next!

Bye for now,

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