Amber Rana

Collaborative and results-oriented lawyer, owner and founder of law firm, Amrana LLP, with 11+ years of experience practicing law and ensuring legality of commercial transactions. Amber, is an [...]


Nana Ichikawa

When you combine creativity and technology with design, you get Nana Ichikawa. Nana began her design career in the IT industry, developing skills not only in creativity but also in user [...]


Shelley Guo

Shelley is a versatile copywriter with a passion for storytelling and cultural exchange. She is not confined to the written word; her portfolio extends to web and video, including a piece [...]


Chris Tu

When we first meet, people often like to ask: “What do you do?” Right! Whenever I’m faced with this question, I find myself momentarily lost in thought.Trying to offer a specific answer to that [...]

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