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Posted 4 years ago

Description 职位描述

Hamazaki Wong, Western Canada’s leading multicultural agency, is seeking a junior designer. You will be responsible for developing and producing graphic design, advertisements, digital campaigns, social media content, and user-friendly websites for our clients. We are looking for a bright, outgoing, and self-motivated individual who is reliable, eager to learn quickly, and interested in joining a dynamic team. You have a growth mindset and a desire to move up in your career, even if you are just getting started. You also have interest in exploring how design can be applied to other marketing and creative disciplines. You have a basic understanding of marketing.

Hamazaki Wong,加拿大西岸领先的多元文化市场营销公司招聘一位Junior Designer,该职位将负责开发制作平面设计品和广告、执行数字媒体策划方案,制作社交媒体宣传品,并为客户制作用户友好的网站界面。希望他/她聪明开朗、可靠上进,能快速掌握新技能,并有意愿加入一个活力十足的团队。即使是刚刚开始工作,他/她也具有不断进取的思维和提升事业的渴望,对市场营销有基本了解,并有兴趣掌握如何将设计应用于其他市场营销和创意领域。

Education & Experience 资历要求

  • 1+ years hands-on experience with marketing, advertising extensions to print, digital, environmental, and live applications
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills (English + Chinese proficiency is preferred)
  • experience with CMS (WordPress, etc.) and basic web development (HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
  • strong knowledge of graphic design, layout, production and typography for print, digital and social environments
  • knowledge and experience with in-bound marketing tools is an asset, or willing to learn
  • experienced with WeChat design platforms such as Xiumi.
  • 在市场营销,广告制作、数字媒体、户外和现场活动策划等方面具有1年以上经验具有流畅的口语及书写能力(最好精通中、英文)
  • 具有使用经验(如WordPress等)和基本网站开发经验(能够使用HTML5, CSS和Javascript)
  • 在印刷出版物、数字媒体和社交环境方面,具有平面设计、排版、产品制作和印刷样式的丰富经验
  • 有意愿去学习或具有使用内聚式市场营销(In-bound Marketing)工具的经验
  • 有微信公众号排版经验,能熟练使用微信排版工具(诸如秀米)。

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) 工作职责包括(但不仅限于)

  • ability to handle multiple projects at the same time and under tight deadline
  • image touch-up & colour manipulation for photos used on website, social media, email marketing, and print materials
  • preparation of print and digital media (banners, web sites, infographics, documents, presentations, etc.)
  • 能够同时处理多个项目并在期限内完成
  • 对用于网站、社交媒体、电子邮件营销以及印刷出版物的图像进行修改润色
  • 完成多种印刷及数字媒体宣传品(如横幅、网站、信息图、各类文件和演示幻灯片等)

Please send cover letter and CV to Will Wong at aspire@hamazakiwong.com. Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

请将求职信及简历通过邮件发给 Will Wong aspire@hamazakiwong.com。请勿致电,唯有被选参加面试者将被联系。

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