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Casinos – Expanding Audiences and Introducing Casino-goers to a Total Entertainment Experience

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Dazzling creative, and a strategy, that far exceeded expectations
The excitement, color, and bedazzling effects of neon stoked the emotions of casino-goers in this campaign for BCLC. By embedding prominent experiential features in the creative — through the device of neon imagery — we successfully communicated the benefits of visiting casinos beyond the obvious gaming aspects, casting the net to a wider and younger audience. The visual direction of neon signs, along with casino-goers interacting with the imagery, captivated attention in a fun, entertaining, and engaging way. Perfectly complemented by smart copy, the campaign took the typical into the atypical territory. By combining winning creative with a media strategy that created both awareness and engagement, excitement, casino-goers responded in record numbers. The results? Spectacular, just like the strategy and creative! Despite being cut short by COVID-19 halfway through the campaign’s prescribed run, we had already exceeded campaign goals by more than 50%!

Client: BCLC

Services: Strategy and creative development, media planning and buying, content production

Date: Jan 2020

Website: www.bclc.com

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