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High Bills Campaign

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BC Hydro High Bills Campaign Objective:
This campaign connected with BC Hydro’s Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking customers during the winter months to provide tips and tools to understand their bills and manage their energy use. The campaign ran on Chinese Digital and Social Media channels for a 4-week period. The creative messages communicated with customers to:

1) Manage your winter bills by:
– Tracking monthly energy use with MyHydro
– Making it easier to budget bills with an equal payment plan
– Signing up for step 2 alerts to know when the usage increases
– Taking steps for efficient heating
2) Understand why your winter bill may be higher results
The campaign fully delivered with an overall engagement level of 0.65% CTR

Client: BC Hydro

Services: PR, strategy and original creative, media planning, content production

Date: December 2020

Website: www.bchydro.com/index.html

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