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2018 Rebranding Campaign for the Chinese Market

banner-2 newspaper_audi print-ad_audi
banner-2 newspaper_audi print-ad_audi

Hamazaki Wong knows that for consumers, a car is far from just a vehicle. It's an extension of the self, a commentary on the owner's identity and personal style.

Advertising campaigns for cars traditionally focus on the reliability of the vehicle during inclement weather. Hamazaki Wong shifted the focus away from how well a car drives in the winter to what an Audi means to its owner. The campaign broke new ground by conveying the idea of Audi as a natural complement to the lifestyle of a sophisticate. The visuals and copy conveyed the sentiment that an Audi is not only fashionable on the road but also complements its owner. Audi is designed for the sophisticate.

Client: Audi GTA & Vancouver DAG

Services: Print, Digital, Radio, Social Media

Date: Jan 2018


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