Research trip: Chinatown Storytelling Centre

On the 27th day of the Asian Heritage Month this year, the team at Hamazaki Wong took a research trip to the Chinatown Storytelling Centre. As a supplement to our standard marketing practice at the office, this out-of-office approach offers us an opportunity to think out of the box. Through experiencing the vibe of the community, not only did we expand the knowledge of our own culture, we also managed to apply what we have learned in the field to our future work.

Submerging ourselves in displays and interactive exhibits detailing the hardships and triumphs lived by generations of Chinese Canadians, we had a time-transcending dialogue with Chinese immigrants from another era about their hardships, and hopes and aspirations. Distressed as we were about the adversities they suffer in the past, we were more amazed by their inexhaustible resilience to overcome every obstacle and their continuous contribution to build Canada as a nation. It is their never-ending courage and dream of a better future that paved the way for the lives we live today, and Chinatown has always been the place where our community can feel a sense of belonging in this country and where the stories of joy, friendship and family persevere.

“From the perspective of a Chinese descendent, I am moved by the journey of early immigrants. Their stories keep reminding us to stay humble, and more importantly, stay proud” said Kelvin Yeung, manager of Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group.

“From the perspective of a business professional, today we are amazed by the power hidden in the shared memory of Chinese Canadians, which possess the potential to be transformed into powerful marketing narratives and amazing creatives,” he continues, “The secret is how we balance the sense of nostalgia and the modern ways of presentation while catering the needs of both established Chinese Canadians and new immigrants. Also, this research trip reminds us that the demographic features of Chinese immigrants are never static, and our ethnic marketing strategies should be dynamic as well.”

Want to learn more about how the Chinese community is not just a monolith? Contact us to learn more.

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