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14 Sept 2021: Vancouver, BC — More than 69 million adults in Mainland China and Hong Kong are considering Canada as a top destination to start in new life in the next two years, according to a ground-breaking pilot study China and Hong Kong by Hamazaki Wong, RIWI, and Vivintel (the custom research arm of Vividata). And while only a fraction will eventually make their way to Canada, it’s more important than ever for brands and marketers to realize how vital immigration to Canada is to our future success and prosperity, and to adjust to the ever evolving, ever diversifying face of our nation. Providing an unprecedented view of potential new Canadians – from their current home in Mainland China and Hong Kong – this detailed report is a sneak peak into what the future could hold, and how businesses could look to adapt to, plan for, and attract this vital community in new and more relevant ways.

Leveraging data from the pilot study and more, the report provides insights on potential new Chinese-Canadian consumers, highlighting:

  • The current need for migration to Canada
  • Demographic profiles of the current Chinese consumer in Canada
  • Demographic profiles of those considering migration
  • How potential Chinese migrants compare Canada to other top destinations like the US, UK and Australia
  • Primary reasons to migrate to Canada
  • Professional reasons to migrate to Canada
  • Their education standing and fluency in English
  • Key differences between those migrating from Mainland China vs Hong Kong
  • Potential marketing and planning strategies to meet the demands of new Chinese Canadians
  • Business and social implications of Chinese migration

A full copy of the research report is available to purchase.

About Hamazaki Wong
Hamazaki Wong is a leading full-service allcultural agency that works with a diversity of national clients and brands. With dedicated research and insights practice, Hamazaki Wong’s award-winning and innovative ways have blazed a trail in the marketing arena and in community programs. Strategic, creative, insightful, Hamazaki Wong’s reputation for excellence, along with its thought-leadership, helps our clients stand out from the crowd.

About Vivintel
Vivintel, the custom research arm of Vividata (Canada’s authoritative source for insights on multi-media and consumer behaviour), offers bespoke solutions to deliver ‘a closer look’ at unique research needs. Through syndicated surveys and reports, segmentations, custom studies, first and third-party data integration opportunities, and strong partnerships, Vivintel provides a complete suite of unified solutions for actionable data.

About RIWI
RIWI is a global trend-tracking and prediction technology firm. On a monthly or annual subscription basis, RIWI offers its clients tracking surveys, continuous risk monitoring, predictive analytics and ad effectiveness tests in all countries – without collecting any personally identifiable data.

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